Hi I’m Andrew.


I am the Sales & Marketing Manager for Drive Industries.

We are an Australian company located in the Central Coast of NSW

Drive Industries specialise in sway bars and suspension componentry.

I am going to start a new blog segment for research and development

and interesting vehicles we have coming into Drive Industries.

We are going to look at sway bar development and suspension upgrades.

We will talk about suspension geometry and products that enhance the vehicles performance.

It’s going to be exciting (well for me anyway) as I love working on and perfecting vehicles old and new.

I would love to hear your stories and feed back on our projects so we can better understand our clients needs.

Please mention Drive Industries to your friends and family lets get the word out for all the car enthusiast out there that have that special car or project they are working on. If you have that special vehicle that you would like us to make sway bars for or do some research and development on and don’t mind Drive doing a segment on please contact us via email:



Andrew McCredden

Work (02) 4314 3704